myGeoDB tells me, that I’m not the owner of one or more Trackables. Why?

In most cases, it is because a Trackabale was adopted. Since the Trackables are not updated live the new owner must do this manually. Click in Presentationbehind the corresponding Trackable on this icon Daten von GC holen, to get data from GC. Or under “My Collectionselect the corresponing Trackables and click on icon Daten von GC holen in the top or bottom.
Thus the details of the Trackabales are updated.

What is the difference between basic and premium membership?

MyGeoDB is free of charge, but the following features are only available for premium members:

  • Advertising free
  • Trade-Center
  • Export the collection
  • Hide requests
  • Notification of new trackables in the geocaching.com database
  • Insert multiple trackables into the collection