100.000 Trackables

Last evening at 5:25 pm clock it was the time. The 100,000 Trackable was entered in myGeoDB. WOW, we are really overwhelmed.
The end of 2011, properly because myGeoDB started “officially”, we would never have expected such a user activity. :)
Who still remembers the beginnings, will notice, that changed a lot. Many ideas that were implemented were of course not only by us but by the users themselves. Here for the first time many thanks for the many wishes, suggestions and criticism. We would also like to thank you for the endurance, because not every request can be implemented immediately or ever.

But enough babbled, the user Trabifahrer had yesterday the honor to enter the 100,000 Trackable. Whether he knew it, we do not know.
But what we know that he has unfortunately gained nothing. The why is easy to explain, because apart from cost and effort we have nothing and we do not want to give away this. :)
Nevertheless, we still have something in the pipeline, which unfortunately is not yet available. Should it then be ready and available, we will make a small raffle. Because we are of the opinion that all active users have contributed to these 100,000 entries and not just a single person. We hope the Trabifahrer and everyone else sees this similar. ;)

So on the next 100,000 Trackables, more ideas and maybe the one or other donation.

PS: If you now just expects a avarage purchase price of 10 €. Oh, just forget it: D

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