Version 1.27.1

Now the time has come and a new version of myGeoDB is available.

First you’ll probably link to your profile and shall confirm the Terms of Use. The Terms were a long time on our ToDo list and are activated now. The step is necessary in order to fix a few things and protect us in certain areas and to define the boundaries. Everyone who does not agree with the Terms of Use has the ability to delete his user account. But we are pretty sure that the conditions are not too long and understandable. :)
At this point a big thank you to Geomoin who translated the Terms of Use.

Since there are even a few users who have more than two accounts at, we have expanded the function of partner management.

There was the possibility to add foreign trackingcodes to a share. We have corrected this failure. To save us some programming work, no shares can be created from the collection. This is only directly through shares possible.

Under certain circumstances trackables were displayed in the search or in Trade-center, although that should not be so. Also this failkure is resolved.

We have also eliminated many minor cosmetic failures that we noticed in the last few weeks.

We still have many taks on our to-do list and are now trying to publish updates back in small intervals.

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