On our own behalf: Further development / Feedback

Many changes, further developments, etc. are not always grown on our “crap”, but comes from the users themselves. So that we want to know is, are we on the right way? We need a little feedback. Of course we can evaluate a non-existent feedback in principle as a prosperous feedback, but a short “Like” or a comment is of course also nice for us. 🙂

We would also like to take a brief look at why some requests are processed faster. This is quite simple and quickly explained. Certain things can be done within a few minutes, sometimes you really need days with other wishes. In addition to this, we can not constantly work on it, since we finally do it in our spare time. But every wish is recorded, analyzed and prioritized accordingly.
We are considering posting the user wishes anonymized online and allowing the users to vote on it. We are currently discussing this internally.

So short and concise, are you as satisfied as it is currently running or not? 😀
Thank you in advance for feedback.

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