On our own behalf: Further development / Feedback

Many changes, further developments, etc. are not always grown on our “crap”, but comes from the users themselves. So that we want to know is, are we on the right way? We need a little feedback. Of course we can evaluate a non-existent feedback in principle as a prosperous feedback, but a short “Like” or a comment is of course also nice for us. 🙂

We would also like to take a brief look at why some requests are processed faster. This is quite simple and quickly explained. Certain things can be done within a few minutes, sometimes you really need days with other wishes. In addition to this, we can not constantly work on it, since we finally do it in our spare time. But every wish is recorded, analyzed and prioritized accordingly.
We are considering posting the user wishes anonymized online and allowing the users to vote on it. We are currently discussing this internally.

So short and concise, are you as satisfied as it is currently running or not? 😀
Thank you in advance for feedback.

Version 1.31.1

Here the changes short and tight. 🙂

  • Non-Trackables not addable (Bugfix)
  • Error in the listing of other users’ offers in “My Requests” and “Tradecenter” (Bugfix)
  • Username added in the search result in the “search” (Extension)
  • Sending a message from the contact form as a copy (Extension)
  • Mathtrade (Premium Extension)
    • Mark Trackable as reserved for Mathtrade
    • Overview of all trackables reserved for a Mathtrade
    • Export all trackables reserved for a Mathtrade

Version 1.30.1

We were last Saturday in Melsungen at the Coin Festival. There we conducted the one or the other conversation and from there two things taken and implemented in this update.
We were pointed out that the release for the premium features are not so easy to find. Then we moved the activation from the settings / profile directly to the main menu. To see what you get as a premium member, we have written this down in our FAQ. Another great wish is the possibility to enter several trackables in one go into the collection. We have been working on an import in the past few weeks, but we have now pushed it to the side and created the function to enter several trackables and thus to take it into the collection.

Version 1.29.2

This update contains only a few things:

  • On the one hand it is now possible to upload pictures in various formats. In the past, only JPG images were possible.
  • There is another “Depository” field when editing a trackable. This is a free text field to store where the trackable is physically stored. E.g. “Case 1 / Tableau 5”. There are no limits to the imagination or reality. It is a purely internal field and is not displayed to any other user. The field is also taken into account during export.
  • Many minor changes in the background for new extensions and optimizations

Version 1.29.1

During the implementation of new feature, an error is noticed. We have a review whether a user was a long time online at myGeoDB. After a period of abstinence, we remind the user and turn finally the showroom offline. The user will not be deleted. This feature does not work anymore, unfortunately for a long time. This morning we have informed some user about their inactivity after a successful correction. 😳

The new feature is aimed to the premium users of myGeoDB. In the settings you can now activate notification by mail if you want to be notified of new trackables that are registered at Groundspeak.

This new notification is the first. Let’s see what’s coming this way.  😎

Merry Christmas

We wish all users of myGeoDB beautiful, quiet and peaceful christmas days.

Furthermore, we wish you a pleasant and successful start to the year 2016th

We now also make a short break . In the new year it goes on with a few innovations.

Version 1.27.1

Now the time has come and a new version of myGeoDB is available.

First you’ll probably link to your profile and shall confirm the Terms of Use. The Terms were a long time on our ToDo list and are activated now. The step is necessary in order to fix a few things and protect us in certain areas and to define the boundaries. Everyone who does not agree with the Terms of Use has the ability to delete his user account. But we are pretty sure that the conditions are not too long and understandable. :)
At this point a big thank you to Geomoin who translated the Terms of Use.

Since there are even a few users who have more than two accounts at geocaching.com, we have expanded the function of partner management.

There was the possibility to add foreign trackingcodes to a share. We have corrected this failure. To save us some programming work, no shares can be created from the collection. This is only directly through shares possible.

Under certain circumstances trackables were displayed in the search or in Trade-center, although that should not be so. Also this failkure is resolved.

We have also eliminated many minor cosmetic failures that we noticed in the last few weeks.

We still have many taks on our to-do list and are now trying to publish updates back in small intervals.

Version 1.26.1

Who does not know. As you get a request from a user and the direct link to the showroom of the requestor is missing. So first laborious search for it, to see if there are attractive options to exchange. This is now over, if the requestor wishes. Under the message window, he can decide whether he wants to send the link to his showroom directly in the mail or not.Is the showroom active and public, the hook is automatically preset.
Is the showroom active but not public, the hook is not preset, but the user can activate it.
Is the showroom not active, no link can be send.In addition, the SSoCA approached us a few days ago. For the Geocoin-Wiki an overview of the icons and names of Geocoins at Groundspeak should be inserted automatically. We have provided a small API for this purpose.

100.000 Trackables

Last evening at 5:25 pm clock it was the time. The 100,000 Trackable was entered in myGeoDB. WOW, we are really overwhelmed.
The end of 2011, properly because myGeoDB started “officially”, we would never have expected such a user activity. :)
Who still remembers the beginnings, will notice, that changed a lot. Many ideas that were implemented were of course not only by us but by the users themselves. Here for the first time many thanks for the many wishes, suggestions and criticism. We would also like to thank you for the endurance, because not every request can be implemented immediately or ever.

But enough babbled, the user Trabifahrer had yesterday the honor to enter the 100,000 Trackable. Whether he knew it, we do not know.
But what we know that he has unfortunately gained nothing. The why is easy to explain, because apart from cost and effort we have nothing and we do not want to give away this. :)
Nevertheless, we still have something in the pipeline, which unfortunately is not yet available. Should it then be ready and available, we will make a small raffle. Because we are of the opinion that all active users have contributed to these 100,000 entries and not just a single person. We hope the Trabifahrer and everyone else sees this similar. ;)

So on the next 100,000 Trackables, more ideas and maybe the one or other donation.

PS: If you now just expects a avarage purchase price of 10 €. Oh, just forget it: D