Version 1.28.1

Long long time ago since last update. This update was supposed to go online to the beginning of this year. But unfortunately the personal environment has consistently suppressed.
Also there is the update information before the actual update.

What has changed fundamentally? Main change in this version is the introduction of premium features. Remains fundamental myGeoDB free, however, be some functions, called premium features. About the settings, the user account can be upgraded to a premium account. This is for various reasons but only by PayPal.

Current premium features:

  • AdFree
  • Trade Center
  • Export the collection
  • Hide seek

When new features are added in the future, is previously given to whether there is a premium feature, or is available to all.

We have thought long time, to take this step. After many discussions with users of myGeoDB we were finally convinced that this way is absolutely fine and understandable.
The cost of premium functions 15€ per year, we also think, it is ok.

So far we see received donations as donations for previous services. 🙂

Furthermore myGeoDB now completely SSL-encrypted. Also this step is more than obsolete.

When entering the discovered trackables may also be deposited with a description. This can e.g. be used in order to indicate where you saw this trackable.

And finally we have cleaned an optimized the internal sources.

We try to install this update today.

Version 1.25.6

Long time ago since we have updated this site. The changes that we publish here are already online a few days ago.

If your account has been locked by repeated incorrect entry of the user data, you get an e-mail with a link to reactivate your account.
If you want to insert more trackables in the section “Presentation” at once, the folder will be saved. So you can insert trackables in the same folder without to select them.
In “My Requests” an error has been fixed. Under certain circumstances, hidden deals were still displayed.
When creating charing codes no user name is displayed on the generated PDF document.

Otherwise simple minor bugs have been fixed.

Version 1.25.5

We have filed a little of the background processes. Due to the amount of data the processes required a little too long and have myGeoDB partially slowed down.
In this context, we have also adjusted the configuration of the server slightly to the new situations.

In recent days, user accounts have been locked due to failed logins . But it was not the users own fault, others try to login with the codes from shares. Unfortunately, in the wrong place. 🙂
Here we have added a further check and show the right site, if someone is using the normal login page.

And as usual, minor errors are found. Again, we have fixed these little bugs.

Now there is only once a beer after work (Greetings to bottom: D)

Version 1.25.2

A small change in the course of the conversion of the blog system to multilanguage. On the home page of myGeoDB the feed is loaded for the appropriate language now.

One or another has recognized that nearly 100,000 Trackables were registered in myGeoDB. We have concluded that the statistic has a bit of a lie. 🙂 And even Trackables were counted, which are definitely wrong and do not exist at
True to the motto Trust no statistic, which you did not fake yourself.

Version 1.25.1

Suche / Search

Suche / Search

It is finally done. There is a slightly more detailed search. We think that this is more or less self-explanatory. Let’s hope at least. 😉

In addition, we have worked a little on security. After too many failed attempts at login the account will be locked for security. Of course it can always be unlocked.



Version 1.24.1

Neue Funktion

New function

It continues with the users wishes. :)

At “My Requests” and “Trade center” it is possible to hide some records. Below a request, the user will see just an offer for his request. Well, it happens, that there is no exchange business. But the entry is still there. Now you can hide it so that it does not distract from other offerings.

Then we changed the mail settings when sending a message to a user. If the receipient has an autoresponder, the autorespond wasnt delivered. This should work now.

We have also fixed a small bug. Only 998 trackables are submitted to a share. It is hard to believe, that someone want to share so many trackables. 😛
In this context, another bug was found. If you have created a share from “My Collection“, even unactivated trackable items were taken. This has also been fixed.

Finally, we have eliminated a few minor errors in the HTML source code.