Version 1.27.1

Now the time has come and a new version of myGeoDB is available.

First you’ll probably link to your profile and shall confirm the Terms of Use. The Terms were a long time on our ToDo list and are activated now. The step is necessary in order to fix a few things and protect us in certain areas and to define the boundaries. Everyone who does not agree with the Terms of Use has the ability to delete his user account. But we are pretty sure that the conditions are not too long and understandable. :)
At this point a big thank you to Geomoin who translated the Terms of Use.

Since there are even a few users who have more than two accounts at, we have expanded the function of partner management.

There was the possibility to add foreign trackingcodes to a share. We have corrected this failure. To save us some programming work, no shares can be created from the collection. This is only directly through shares possible.

Under certain circumstances trackables were displayed in the search or in Trade-center, although that should not be so. Also this failkure is resolved.

We have also eliminated many minor cosmetic failures that we noticed in the last few weeks.

We still have many taks on our to-do list and are now trying to publish updates back in small intervals.

No support on Corpus Christi

Dear user of myGeoDB,

from 06/03/2015 in the afternoon to 06/08/2015 we are not able to give you support.
Thank you for your understanding.

Version 1.26.1

Who does not know. As you get a request from a user and the direct link to the showroom of the requestor is missing. So first laborious search for it, to see if there are attractive options to exchange. This is now over, if the requestor wishes. Under the message window, he can decide whether he wants to send the link to his showroom directly in the mail or not.Is the showroom active and public, the hook is automatically preset.
Is the showroom active but not public, the hook is not preset, but the user can activate it.
Is the showroom not active, no link can be send.In addition, the SSoCA approached us a few days ago. For the Geocoin-Wiki an overview of the icons and names of Geocoins at Groundspeak should be inserted automatically. We have provided a small API for this purpose.

Version 1.25.6

Long time ago since we have updated this site. The changes that we publish here are already online a few days ago.

If your account has been locked by repeated incorrect entry of the user data, you get an e-mail with a link to reactivate your account.
If you want to insert more trackables in the section “Presentation” at once, the folder will be saved. So you can insert trackables in the same folder without to select them.
In “My Requests” an error has been fixed. Under certain circumstances, hidden deals were still displayed.
When creating charing codes no user name is displayed on the generated PDF document.

Otherwise simple minor bugs have been fixed.

Version 1.25.5

We have filed a little of the background processes. Due to the amount of data the processes required a little too long and have myGeoDB partially slowed down.
In this context, we have also adjusted the configuration of the server slightly to the new situations.

In recent days, user accounts have been locked due to failed logins . But it was not the users own fault, others try to login with the codes from shares. Unfortunately, in the wrong place. 🙂
Here we have added a further check and show the right site, if someone is using the normal login page.

And as usual, minor errors are found. Again, we have fixed these little bugs.

Now there is only once a beer after work (Greetings to bottom: D)

Version 1.25.4

In the QR-code generation, the new logo is now integrated.

Furthermore, you now get an e-mail if the user account is locked due to various false logins.

At the pont “My Discoveries” the date of the discovery was not retained.

Finally, many small errors in the HTML area have been corrected and the source code cleaned up a little.

Version 1.25.3

At present, unfortunately the format jpg for each trackables is possible for images. If you uploaded a different format, nothing happened in myGeoDB.
Now an error is thrown that only images in jpg format are possible.

That other formats are possible, is on the todo list.

100.000 Trackables

Last evening at 5:25 pm clock it was the time. The 100,000 Trackable was entered in myGeoDB. WOW, we are really overwhelmed.
The end of 2011, properly because myGeoDB started “officially”, we would never have expected such a user activity. :)
Who still remembers the beginnings, will notice, that changed a lot. Many ideas that were implemented were of course not only by us but by the users themselves. Here for the first time many thanks for the many wishes, suggestions and criticism. We would also like to thank you for the endurance, because not every request can be implemented immediately or ever.

But enough babbled, the user Trabifahrer had yesterday the honor to enter the 100,000 Trackable. Whether he knew it, we do not know.
But what we know that he has unfortunately gained nothing. The why is easy to explain, because apart from cost and effort we have nothing and we do not want to give away this. :)
Nevertheless, we still have something in the pipeline, which unfortunately is not yet available. Should it then be ready and available, we will make a small raffle. Because we are of the opinion that all active users have contributed to these 100,000 entries and not just a single person. We hope the Trabifahrer and everyone else sees this similar. ;)

So on the next 100,000 Trackables, more ideas and maybe the one or other donation.

PS: If you now just expects a avarage purchase price of 10 €. Oh, just forget it: D

Version 1.25.2

A small change in the course of the conversion of the blog system to multilanguage. On the home page of myGeoDB the feed is loaded for the appropriate language now.

One or another has recognized that nearly 100,000 Trackables were registered in myGeoDB. We have concluded that the statistic has a bit of a lie. 🙂 And even Trackables were counted, which are definitely wrong and do not exist at
True to the motto Trust no statistic, which you did not fake yourself.

Multilanguage in the blog

Today we have included multilanguage in our blog system.
Since we would also like to integrate our guide to myGeoDB here, we had to take this step. As we have imagined first, it was no so great.

We think that we do not have to translate all the old posts. Before we die of boredom, we do that certainly. 😀