Version 1.32.1

Caution: Because many of the files that the browsers store locally are changed, the presentation may look funny or the features may not work. Please clear the browser cache once.
  • Notification for a new offer to a request (premium extension)
    • Notification has been activated automatically for all current premium members
    • This function can be switched on / off in the settings
  • Non-trackables were incorrectly displayed in the Trade Center (Bugfix)
  • The presentation has been completely revised (optimization)
    • Sort the individual folders by drag & drop
    • Hide / show, delete, direct link, open / close a folder directly in the folder title on the right
    • Title of a folder can be edited directly
    • Adding a folder still in the left menu
  • Various optimizations in source code
  • Removal of all links to the guide here in the blog

Version 1.31.1

Here the changes short and tight. ūüôā

  • Non-Trackables not addable (Bugfix)
  • Error in the listing of other users’ offers in “My Requests” and “Tradecenter” (Bugfix)
  • Username added in the search result in the “search” (Extension)
  • Sending a message from the contact form as a copy (Extension)
  • Mathtrade (Premium Extension)
    • Mark Trackable as reserved for Mathtrade
    • Overview of all trackables reserved for a Mathtrade
    • Export all trackables reserved for a Mathtrade

Version 1.30.1

We were last Saturday in Melsungen at the Coin Festival. There we conducted the one or the other conversation and from there two things taken and implemented in this update.
We were pointed out that the release for the premium features are not so easy to find. Then we moved the activation from the settings / profile directly to the main menu. To see what you get as a premium member, we have written this down in our FAQ. Another great wish is the possibility to enter several trackables in one go into the collection. We have been working on an import in the past few weeks, but we have now pushed it to the side and created the function to enter several trackables and thus to take it into the collection.

Version 1.29.2

This update contains only a few things:

  • On the one hand it is now possible to upload pictures in various formats. In the past, only JPG images were possible.
  • There is another “Depository” field when editing a trackable. This is a free text field to store where the trackable is physically stored. E.g. “Case 1 / Tableau 5”. There are no limits to the imagination or reality. It is a purely internal field and is not displayed to any other user. The field is also taken into account during export.
  • Many minor changes in the background for new extensions and optimizations

Version 1.29.1

During the implementation of new feature, an error is noticed. We have a review whether a user was a long time online at myGeoDB. After a period of abstinence, we remind the user and turn finally the showroom offline. The user will not be deleted. This feature does not work anymore, unfortunately for a long time. This morning we have informed some user about their inactivity after a successful correction. ūüė≥

The new feature is aimed to the premium users of myGeoDB. In the settings you can now activate notification by mail if you want to be notified of new trackables that are registered at Groundspeak.

This new notification is the first. Let’s see what’s coming this way.¬† ūüėé

Version 1.28.3

The update includes a few small improvements and bug fixes.

Today the data synchronization between myGeoDB and Groundspeak was not working. This was simply that Groundspeak has converted the sides completely to the encrypted https protocol.

Other issues that have been fixed:

  • The function that new trackables are not visible, did not work with non-trackable
  • Trackable with ” in the name are not displayed correctly when editing
  • In the image-upload the format “jpeg” is now available

Version 1.28.2

After updating to 1.28.1 quickly a bugfix update.

Firstly, pictures were not shown directly after the update yesterday. We have fixed it immediately and formally concluded with today’s update.


Due to improper documentation, we have implemented the new feature Hide of requestsonly halfway. This we have rescheduled in the current update.
Under “My Requestsyou now have the ability to hide individual requests. Hidden request are not shown in showroom or in the search.


When registering the spam checking against a new system has been replaced.

Version 1.28.1

Long long time ago since last update. This update was supposed to go online to the beginning of this year. But unfortunately the personal environment has consistently suppressed.
Also there is the update information before the actual update.

What has changed fundamentally? Main change in this version is the introduction of premium features. Remains fundamental myGeoDB free, however, be some functions, called premium features. About the settings, the user account can be upgraded to a premium account. This is for various reasons but only by PayPal.

Current premium features:

  • AdFree
  • Trade Center
  • Export the collection
  • Hide seek

When new features are added in the future, is previously given to whether there is a premium feature, or is available to all.

We have thought long time, to take this step. After many discussions with users of myGeoDB we were finally convinced that this way is absolutely fine and understandable.
The cost of premium functions 15‚ā¨ per year, we also think, it is ok.

So far we see received donations¬†as donations for previous services. ūüôā

Furthermore myGeoDB now completely SSL-encrypted. Also this step is more than obsolete.

When entering the discovered trackables may also be deposited with a description. This can e.g. be used in order to indicate where you saw this trackable.

And finally we have cleaned an optimized the internal sources.

We try to install this update today.

Merry Christmas

We wish all users of myGeoDB beautiful, quiet and peaceful christmas days.

Furthermore, we wish you a pleasant and successful start to the year 2016th

We now also make a short break . In the new year it goes on with a few innovations.

Version 1.27.2

There has been a minor bug in the character conversion. So some requests / offers in tradecenter were not displayed.