Version 1.24.1

Neue Funktion

New function

It continues with the users wishes. :)

At “My Requests” and “Trade center” it is possible to hide some records. Below a request, the user will see just an offer for his request. Well, it happens, that there is no exchange business. But the entry is still there. Now you can hide it so that it does not distract from other offerings.

Then we changed the mail settings when sending a message to a user. If the receipient has an autoresponder, the autorespond wasnt delivered. This should work now.

We have also fixed a small bug. Only 998 trackables are submitted to a share. It is hard to believe, that someone want to share so many trackables. 😛
In this context, another bug was found. If you have created a share from “My Collection“, even unactivated trackable items were taken. This has also been fixed.

Finally, we have eliminated a few minor errors in the HTML source code.