Version 1.28.2

After updating to 1.28.1 quickly a bugfix update.

Firstly, pictures were not shown directly after the update yesterday. We have fixed it immediately and formally concluded with today’s update.


Due to improper documentation, we have implemented the new feature Hide of requestsonly halfway. This we have rescheduled in the current update.
Under “My Requestsyou now have the ability to hide individual requests. Hidden request are not shown in showroom or in the search.


When registering the spam checking against a new system has been replaced.

Version 1.28.1

Long long time ago since last update. This update was supposed to go online to the beginning of this year. But unfortunately the personal environment has consistently suppressed.
Also there is the update information before the actual update.

What has changed fundamentally? Main change in this version is the introduction of premium features. Remains fundamental myGeoDB free, however, be some functions, called premium features. About the settings, the user account can be upgraded to a premium account. This is for various reasons but only by PayPal.

Current premium features:

  • AdFree
  • Trade Center
  • Export the collection
  • Hide seek

When new features are added in the future, is previously given to whether there is a premium feature, or is available to all.

We have thought long time, to take this step. After many discussions with users of myGeoDB we were finally convinced that this way is absolutely fine and understandable.
The cost of premium functions 15€ per year, we also think, it is ok.

So far we see received donations as donations for previous services. 🙂

Furthermore myGeoDB now completely SSL-encrypted. Also this step is more than obsolete.

When entering the discovered trackables may also be deposited with a description. This can e.g. be used in order to indicate where you saw this trackable.

And finally we have cleaned an optimized the internal sources.

We try to install this update today.