Version 1.29.1

During the implementation of new feature, an error is noticed. We have a review whether a user was a long time online at myGeoDB. After a period of abstinence, we remind the user and turn finally the showroom offline. The user will not be deleted. This feature does not work anymore, unfortunately for a long time. This morning we have informed some user about their inactivity after a successful correction. 😳

The new feature is aimed to the premium users of myGeoDB. In the settings you can now activate notification by mail if you want to be notified of new trackables that are registered at Groundspeak.

This new notification is the first. Let’s see what’s coming this way.  😎

Version 1.28.3

The update includes a few small improvements and bug fixes.

Today the data synchronization between myGeoDB and Groundspeak was not working. This was simply that Groundspeak has converted the sides completely to the encrypted https protocol.

Other issues that have been fixed:

  • The function that new trackables are not visible, did not work with non-trackable
  • Trackable with ” in the name are not displayed correctly when editing
  • In the image-upload the format “jpeg” is now available